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Come along and learn with our community as we establish a healthy, captive reef ecosystem – TOGETHER!

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A truly interactive experience

Help make decisions, choose specimens and inhabitants, and name fish and inverts. Or just soak up the 24/7 livestream and enjoy the view.


Let’s nerd out about the latest and greatest gear in the hobby and how we can use it to support the reef!


Let’s look at recommendations for captive-bred specimens that would thrive in the current community! Help choose the next inhabitants!


Love goniopora? Mushrooms? Let’s talk lighting requirements, water parameters, placement, and more!


Get a real-time view of live data from the tank controller as well as recent reagent tests. Let’s discuss water chemistry and husbandry required to keep things in check.


Have a favorite type of crab? What about conchs? How many should be present? Let’s find out!


All living things should be given their best chance at a healthy life – all our actions should keep that in mind!

Multiple ways to participate

Our reef is in GMT -5, but you might not be. Feel free to choose how you engage: Comment, stream, or subscribe!

Live Stream

  • Multiple 24/7 1080p+ tank streams for your viewing
  • Reefkeeper talks with live chats, guest speakers, and Q&A
  • Relax, unwind, and hang out with the reef
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Windows of a building in Nuremberg, Germany

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